This is my rough expression, not meant for decoration, not meant to pay my bills. This is just a brief selection of my work. I apologize, some of them may be brute. Most of this came wen young anyway, when I didn't care to please anyone. 
Beneath, I’d also like to share some thoughts if you care to know a little more about me. 
Careerwise, in my 20's, I did 4 individual art shows and participated in several collectives in many places of the world, California, Barcelona, Abruzzo Italy, Guatemala, etc.  I’ve just produced about 80 pieces in this line, some of them large. This was not meant to be sold but interestingly enough, most of this work is sold.     Welcome to my imagination.

“What is my inspiration?” Many times, this is the question I get.

Well, let me start with the following statement: Whatever I have in my hands, has been given. I didn't choose to have it. I just love it and cherish it as my own.

I’m Salvador, an artist and a believer in Jesus, yes, not a common combination. Not something you expect from an artist, maybe.  However, the more I close my eyes the glares of this world, the more I see him, the more I discern that the chances of all this amazing creation just happening are infinitesimal. One needs much more faith to believe life is a product of chance.

Therefore, If I ever paint like when I was young again -a call that's is growing in me- I want to paint for the people to know him. I want to paint for the many that earnestly seek, not their own justification, but the truth. There,  I'll be a facilitator and a friend, in my canvases, honest, like the amorphous sprout that I am, with roots unearthed from several parts of the world.

For whoever wishes to see,  my canvases will become lamps, paths, proverbs or perhaps just a chair, a simple chair to rest. Some day, perhaps, my work will come back to tell tales of how I was swallowed by empty cities, how I felt abandoned by the migration of hopes and forgotten by all, but one, him, my humble Jesus, and he was enough.

Thank you for your patience to read  up to this line. This side of me won't affect my work, or my relationship with my customers.