Welcome to this gallery of my rough expression, not meant for decoration. This is a brief selection of my work. I apologize, some of them may be a little rude, some of this came wen young, but anyway, I’d like to share some. Afterwards, beneath this gallery, I’d also like to share some thoughts and hopefully answer a couple of questions. I’ve done 4 individual art shows and participated in several collectives in many places of the world, California, Barcelona, Abruzzo Italy, Guatemala, etc. Since my youth, this has been a hobby more than anything, and I’ve just produced about 80 pieces in this line, but interestingly enough, most of this work is sold. Again, welcome…
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“What is the source of my inspiration?” Many times, this is the first question.

Well, let me start with the following statement: whatever I have, has been given. I didn't choose to have it, however I love it and cherish it as my own.

I’m Salvador, an artist and a believer in Jesus, not a common combination. However, the more I meditate about his existence, the more I rely on him, the more I dream, the more I think about it, the more I discern that the chances of all this amazing creation just happening are infinitesimal. Without humbleness, it's impossible to see this. Therefore, I paint for him and for any one that earnestly seeks the truth. I live in my canvases, and I surely look like an amorphous sprout in them, with roots deepened in several parts of the world, but anyhow it seems I'm flourishing in this seedbed so called Earth.

I wish my canvases to become lamps, rivers, swords or chairs to rest. I hope some day they'll tell tales of how I’d been both affluent and adverse, in many places of this planet. Let my canvases express how I've felt when I swallowed an uninhabited town inside of me, abandoned by the migration of hopes and abandoned by all, even even by the war itself.

I will soon leave and, hopefully, my canvases will stay here a little longer than me, but soon they’ll be gone too. But in all this, one thing has the chance to remain, that is, the simplicity of a person discovering the presence of his or her own soul and its reflection of God's own, then being thankful for it.

I invite you to understand what I mean through my work. Maybe you'll identifying in the canvas some fragment of you. Maybe you’ll find the painting, existing, living, in some nook inside your memories and history as a human being.

Thank you for your time and interest.